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About us

August Sander School is a vocational school preparing students with special education needs for their future careers in different job areas. There are roughly 950 students attending the classes every year and the school staff consists of 101 teachers and three social workers, who are highly qualified in vocational and special education fields.

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We are offering a broad variety of educational programs, opening up a variety of career paths.
Our training comprises the following vocational fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Health and Welfare
  • Hotel and Restaurant Industry and Home Economics
  • House Painting
  • Metalwork
  • Woodwork


IbaWe offer several vocational courses as well as preparatory vocational courses focussing on "learning support" and "socio-emotional development".

Some courses also teach special needs students, who require additional support in the areas of cognitive development and hearing. We integrate underpriviliged youngsters in all matters of everyday school life and, due to the small size of our classes, we offer an ideal learning environment for the advancement of each individual student. Each preparatory vocational course is always taught by a team of two teachers.



August Sander School follows the concept of a center of excellence for young students in the transition from school to their occupational role in society.

We cooperate with a multitude of partners, such as other educational facilities, businesses, and counseling agencies.
Within our school, we provide additional counseling by dedicated social workers.


Social Learning

The main objective of our school is the promotion of social learning.

Teachers and students develop common rules of social behaviour which facilitate everyday life in school and at the prospective workplace. Main focus is the strengthening of personal and social skills in our students. For this purpose we use the method of the 'Trainingsraum' (room of social training).

We are committed to tolerance and peaceful togetherness. Within this concept we have been awarded the designation as "School without Racism – School with Courage" in the European network of schools in 2012.


Situated in the centre of Berlin

Our main campus is centrally located at Naglerstrasse near Oberbaumbrücke, and thus can be easily reached by public transport.

At the main campus we conduct general education, field-specific instruction and project-oriented courses. At this location, the management of our school, as well as the cafeteria and the gymnasium can also be found.

In addition to our main campus, we have two branch campuses, one at Alt-Stralau and one in Persiusstrasse. The 2.5-ha-area in Persiusstrasse is used by our department of agriculture and the Gardening School in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. There are greenhouses and open-air areas for gardening and landscaping. Various farm animals, such as a Shetland pony, goats, sheep, chickens, rabbits and a crocodile are present for animal care related activities. The cemetery gardeners-in-training work in a 1500 square metre expanse of land in Alt-Stralau.



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